Precisi​on Neuromuscular Therapy 

and Therapeutic Massage for 

Soft Tissue Pain Relief

Cupping Therapy

The types of cupping therapy we offer in our office are:

DYNAMIC cupping – large silicone cups are applied and suctioned to the area. The therapists then glides the cups along your skin using light, medium or strong pressure (based on your personal preference and comfort level). This approach feels massage-like, and is ideal for decompression of fascial and soft tissue layers to increase tissue glide, movement and circulation.

STATIC cupping - used to target specific areas of restriction or congestion, smaller silicone cups are placed strategically and left in place for 2-10 minutes. This technique pulls blood to the surface and often leaves those circular purple marks you may have seen on a certain Olympian swimmer several years ago ;)

You will NEVER receive cupping in our office using a fire/heat method or “wet” (blood-letting) cupping.

While some studies have shown that cupping can improve perceptions of pain and disability and have favorable effects on range of motion, additional studies are definitely needed. 

For most clients, dry cupping is a safe complement to an existing treatment plan when provided by a properly trained and certified therapist. It is not recommended for those with eczema or other skin conditions, organ failure, cancer, elderly with fragile skin, during pregnancy or over areas that are swollen.